Ellsen Portable Electric Hydraulic Rebar Bender

Portable Rebar Bending Machine

Portable rebar bending machine is a relatively small size of rebar bending machine. It has a large demand in markets. Portable bar bending machine is widely used  in the field of construction and some private spheres. The small size of this machine is indeed convenient and flexible to use.

Why Choose Ellsen Portable Bender Machine

Ellsen portable benders have good-looking appearances. They are designed reasonably. Although the sizes of portable bar bending machines are smaller than the normal bender machines, the functions of them are nearly the same. For different needs, portable benders are able to bend bars into different arcs according your operation. Ellsen portable rebar bender is flexible and easy to use.We supply two types of portable bar benders. One is portable electric rebar bender, and the other is portable hydraulic rebar bender.


RB16 portable rebar bender

Ellsen Portable Rebar Bending Machine
RB16 portable rebar bender

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 800w/900w
Max bending rebar diameter: 4-16mm
Bending speed: 5s
Machine weight: 15kg
Gross weight: 16.5kg
Machine size: 600×170×200mm
Carton size: 670×250×245mm
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RB25 portable electric rebar bending and straightening machine .

Ellsen Portable Rebar Bending Machine
RB25 portable rebar bender

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 950w/1350w
Max bending rebar diameter: 4-25mm(4-32mm available)
Bending speed: 5-8s
Machine weight: 24kg
Gross weight: 32kg
Machine size: 560×260×200mm
Carton size: 670×385×260mm
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Other models are available. And Ellsen can also customize machines according to different requirements.

Features of Ellsen Portable Rebar Bending Machine

  • Compact structure.
  • Easy and flexible to operate.
  • Safe and reliable to use.
  • Stable performance.
  • Easy to maintain.

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