CNC Bending Machine

CNC bending machine is one special bar bend machine mainly used for processing steel rebar materials into various shapes within 180° like pentagrams, quadrilaterals, triangles, polygons and also rings. The steel wire bender machines are designed for the accurate straightening, bending and cutting works to meet various construction sites’ demands. These are essential components for every construction projects that is working with concrete that needs reinforcement. So the CNC bending machine can be your best choice.

HGTW4-10 steel rebar bending machine

Steel Wire Bending Machine

Steel wire bending machine for sale is one kind of bending machine for producing different 2D shapes of steel rebar ...
HGTW4-16 coiled wire bending machine

Wire Bending Machine

Wire bending machine can bend coiled wire rebar within 180° into different forms like a triangle, quadrangle, ring, and some ...

Stirrup Bending Machine

Stirrup bending machine has another name called stirrup bender machine. This machine is with a wide range of being used ...

CNC Wire Bending Machine

CNC wire bending machine is a kind of stirrup bending machine. It is also widely used in the building and ...

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